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Rules of the Road


Fellow Dealers,
     I'M HERE FOR YOU... and I'll be here a lot more effectively after you read the following.  I know you want to look at my lists... and reading this is a nuisance... but please, take your time and read it anyway.

    PLEASE, PLACE YOUR ORDER USING A "REAL" COMPUTER, and not a mobile device.  Everything works better that way. 


     MINIMUM ORDER, $50.  Temporarily...the M.O. is $15, as I only have a small portion of my stock online.  It will increase to $50 later.
In 1976, when I issued that Mail-Order U.S. Wholesale Pricelist you saw on my "About Me" M.O. was $20, the cost of a first-class stamp was 6c, the cost of a gallon of gas was 59c and the Federal Minimum Wage was $2.30.  Given today's price & wage levels produced by nearly 40 years of inflation, I don't feel I'm unreasonable in asking for my current M.O..  I wish I could accommodate you by accepting smaller orders, but I can't. 

      PAYMENT.  I accept Checks, Money Orders, PAY PAL, and the 3 major Credit Cards ONLINE.  VISA, Master Card, and American Express.  Sorry, but I can't accept PayPal or Credit Cards over the phone.  I prefer PayPal to Credit Cards because it's faster and easier to process and to make any necessary refunds. 
     In fact, I prefer Checks and Money Orders to "electronic payments",
which brings me to the next subject.  I speak to you here frankly, dealer to dealer.
     This is a wholesale business, and my profit margin is not overwhelming.  The Credit Card and PayPal people take about a 3% cut of the action.  I'd rather see that 3% in MY pocket than in theirs, so please, don't hit the plastic unless you need to.  Unlike some wholesalers and auction houses, I won't hit you with a surcharge for using the plastic (at this time)... but that doesn't mean I like it.

     CREDIT.  This is a sticky subject.  Extending credit is part of running a wholesale business; otherwise, I'm just a peddler.  However, I'm not your bank. 
     Once I get comfortable with you, merchandise may be sent prior to payment, which is expected in 30 days.  The process of "getting comfortable" is highly individual; there are no hard and fast rules here as to how soon or how much.
     References are necessary for new customers who want credit.  And by "reference" I mean someone who has actually extended you CREDIT, and not someone who will tell me that you're a good person!  Philatelic Societies are not Credit References.  Other Retail Dealers, Wholesalers and Auction Houses who have extended you credit are.
     In addition, before I reach that comfort level where I'll send material on credit, there's a point at which I'll worry whether your checks will clear.  My anxiety level will be greatly reduced by a good credit reference or two.

     INVENTORY/SELLOUTS/REFUNDS.  Wholesale isn't retail, and my inventory levels can be unpredictable.  100 copies of an item, wholesale, can last me a year, or an afternoon.  There will be sellouts.  I apologize in advance.  There's nothing I can do about it.

     COLLECTORS!   I know that some of you reading this now are collectors - either "lone gunmen", "collectors with friends", or representatives of Stamp Clubs or Societies.  I salute you, for finding your way onto my wholesale website, and I welcome you.  Just follow the rules and I'll extend to you the same courtesy and benefits I would extend to any dealer.

  NEW YORK STATE DEALERS, I will need your Resale Certificate on file.  Collectors; I'll sell to you at wholesale prices, but you're responsible for the Sales Tax.  This website does not calculate & bill Sales Taxes, but unless I have your Certificate on file, you're on the hook.

     SHIPPING.  All ocalumet.jpgrders will be shipped by Insured or Registered Mail, for your protection.  For small packages I've been using the Calumet Stay-Flat mailers (brown Kraft or White) for about 45 years, and I heartily recommend them to you.  These come in a variety of sizes; they can expand and are able to make it thru the mails damage-free (unlike bubble mailers).  If you haven't already discovered them, let me know, and I'll give you the details.  Their use will save you packaging time, not to mention much agita.
     CHARGES.  NOW, we get to the rough part.  This was a lot easier in the 1970s, when I only wholesaled STAMPS, and also in the 1980s when I wholesaled Postal Stationery, but the shipping was cheap.  Today, the USPS is doing everything possible to make our lives miserable, and will probably continue to do so until the day I die. 
     My shopping cart has been programmed with basic shipping charges of $5.00 for U.S. orders, $10 for Canada, $12 for Mexico, and $14 for the rest of the world.
     For MOST STAMP (and Cut Square) ORDERS, these amounts will be sufficient to ship your order without making either of us cry like a baby.
     However, once we move to the HEAVIER items (Postal Cards, Envelopes, First Day Covers, Souvenir Cards), shipping charges can get out of hand.
     IF you live near NYC, the situation can be tolerable.  If you live further away, the situation can get ugly.  Fortunately, there are Flat Rate Boxes which will take much of the sting out of the order.
     MUCH, but not ALL, and for some orders, after you place them, I may have to ask you to forward additional funds to cover at least part of the extra shipping.
     For Worldwide orders, the shipping charges can get VERY ugly.
     PLEASE, think carefully about what you want to buy BEFORE you place your order.  Think about the BULK, the WEIGHT, and WHERE you are located.


     INSURANCE IS INCLUDED in all U.S. orders, but not available Worldwide.  For Worldwide orders in the $50-$150 range, I would not recommend Registered Mail, but at the $200 level or thereabouts I would strongly advise it.  SOME countries have a better reputation for mail delivery than others, and I reserve the right to insist on Registered Mail where I feel it is necessary.
PLEASE do not ask me to assist you in avoiding any Customs Fees or VAT Taxes.  If you don't like your country's methods of taxation, kick out your government.

     PRICES.  IF WE LIVED IN A PERFECT WORLD I could buy good stamps for 10% of catalog, wholesale it to you for 20%, double my money....and then, you could sell it for 80-100%.  O.K..... now, pick yourself up off the floor and stop laughing.
     I charge what I have to, keeping in mind that both you, as a dealer, and I, as a wholesaler, need a decent profit margin to survive.
     My prices are GENERALLY based on Scott and intended for the U.S. market.  Sometimes I need to use specialized catalogs (such as the UPSS Catalogs for U.S. Postal Stationery).

      QUANTITIES.  I never try to jam large quantities down your throat.  For many stamps, my minimum purchase is just 3.  I set my "minimum quantity" higher only on very cheap stamps.  I want you to feel comfortable buying from me; I don't want you to feel you're buying more than you can use.  I also offer you flexibility, which I explain at the bottom of the Home Page.

     QUALITY.  I don't sell junk (at least, not most of the time), and when I DO sell "off-quality" material, IT'S DIRT CHEAP... and I'll let you know EXACTLY what you're buying and why it's priced as low as it is.  If you ORDER, from my lists, 10 f-vf copies of a stamp, you'll GET 10 f-vf (or better) copies.  In fact, for most modern items, you'll receive mainly vf material.  The centering of what I sell will always be part of the accurate description you'll receive.

     SPECIAL SERVICE.  There's always something floating around the office which will never make it onto the pages of this website.  If I know what kind of material you're looking for, it can only help us both.  Feel free to call me (718-939-5788); I just might have what you're looking for.

     OFFICE HOURS.  AS I said above, I'm here for you.  But I'm also a STAMP DEALER... like you.  Any resemblance between my day and a normal business day is a coincidence.  My hours are both long and irregular.  If you call and I'm out, you'll get the answering machine - so you might as well leave an e-mail.  Otherwise, you can call me any time of day up to 10 PM Eastern Time...